A Spiritual Workbook on Radical Self-Care and Self-Love

For years I struggled to get where I thought I was supposed to be. It wasn’t a physical place, but a feeling; an elusive sense of Belonging and Knowing. Endlessly I combed my outer world for something to fill up the Enough and Purpose parts of my inner self. 


Until the recent passing of my beloved 90 year-old Grandma Rose, I didn’t know how mighty and perfect and precious and genuine each moment already is.

Or that the perpetual search for things outside of ourselves is a time-sucking, vicious, egotistical form of self-sabotage. Or that if we’re not careful, the choices we make more often come from our minds, when we should be listening to our hearts, bodies, and spirits.

I wrote this free handbook as a reminder of our importance and purpose in this space and time. To slow us down. To get us to listen to our own inner compass. This 47-page guide was designed to inspire you to find and speak and act your truth, to think differently, and to propel you forward.

In these pages, you will find: 

  • 8 self-care areas that bring me home whenever I lose my way. People often ask how I stay inspired, and this workbook shares my how.  These areas of our personal life either empower and fire us upward, or shackle and anchor us down. They either ignite or extinguish our ancient wisdom, our self-confidence, our self-esteem, our sex appeal, and our daily well-being, depending on the role and significance we give to them in our daily lives.

  • Useful examples of how to be protective of your time, your choices, and your personal world – so that you can approach each new situation seeking the value it brings to your collective overall happiness, health, and well-being.

  • Practical and loving guidance for finding your way back to center, through inspiration and self-reflection exercises. 



I would love to know your thoughts or similar life experiences. You can reach me here.

I want you to fall in love with yourself, as you should. 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now.

© 2018 by Rosa Conti 

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