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“I did the Breakthrough Shadow Life Coaching program with Rosa and it was a wonderful experience. I was a little hesitant at first, because I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be time and money well spent. I eagerly anticipated each weekly session, as it helped me figure out what I want more of (and less of) in my life. I learned a lot about myself – what limiting beliefs hold me back and what I can do to free myself. Sometimes small steps that you don’t think will make a difference can yield big results.

This work took me on a journey and Rosa was the most fantastic “tour guide.” She came prepared each week, and with her calming voice led me through introspective exercises. 


I would then commit to “action steps” I would take to get me closer to my goals. It is a very well thought-out program based on Debbie Ford’s teachings. I feel blessed to have found Rosa, who is a gifted coach, and if you get the chance to work with her, jump right in and you won’t be disappointed. It exceeded my expectations.”

Pam Hunter Dempsey

“I was introduced to Rosa virtually by a mutual friend whom I respected greatly. For various reasons, and with no excuses, our time together was not to manifest until almost one and a half years later. When Rosa and I would talk about the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching journey, she would often refer to its author and originator, Debbie Ford.

Rosa would tell me, “Debbie used to say that if you show up to this work, when you have completed it, you will be unrecognizable to yourself.” Well, that sounded great! Life had taken many twists and turns, and I’d had a bumpy ride for many years. I was almost eager not to recognize myself in the weariness, sorrow, and loss that had become all too familiar when I looked into the mirror.

For ten weeks, I showed up. I showed up to phone conferences with Rosa after a rushed morning start. I showed up to reading outside of my time with Rosa. I showed up with Goals (big G Goals, not easy-peasy, I-can-do-this-with-my-eyes-closed goals), Action Steps (some I completed, some I altered, some I chose to leave incomplete), journaling (my choice), verbal intentions, and many more tools. Of course, all of these tools I shared with my fearless, gentle guide and coach, Rosa, who was also able to give me that good, swift kick in the rear when I needed it. The process was, to be honest, mildly terrifying!

When ten weeks came to an end, and as I am wont to do, I argued with my Coach.


“Rosa,” I said, “you told me that I wouldn’t recognize myself at the end of our time together.” She agreed that was true. “Well,” I said,”I disagree. I feel more like ME than I’ve felt in a long time!” We were both pleased at that.

Perhaps you, too, would like to dust off your true YOU! I can assure you that you’d be in grace-full, skill-full hands with Rosa as your Coach. Thank you, Rosa, from the bottom of my beautiful heart! And peace for your journey!”

Gail Chipman

“I recommend Rosa for your life coach. Rosa takes your hand and lovingly guides you through your dark and light shadows; those parts of ourselves that we suppress and deny. All it took was one 60-minute session with Rosa and my life began to shift dramatically. In just the first week I was reflecting on the many areas of my life where I was living with excuses, resistance, and the choices that kept me stuck.

The past 10 weeks have been nothing short of life altering. Every week Rosa gave me the tools to trust more, live more dynamically, and leave the past … so I could leap into a more creative, challenging, and exciting present moment and future. Rosa does this in a clear and concise manner with a grace and light that empowers you to feel more hopeful and fully awakened to infinite possibilities. I am so grateful to have experienced this journey.”

John F. Mullins

“This program has changed my life in so many positive ways that I truly feel reborn.


Rosa helped me to learn how to listen to my heart and recognize the expectations I have for myself. I learned something new about myself in each session, and many times more than one thing. This experience helped me to get rid of certain vices that had been keeping me from reaching my full potential for decades. I came to realize I am capable of so much more than I was allowing myself to be. 

Rosa Conti is a gem and a person would be fortunate to have her as their coach. I know a great deal of like-minded people and I can say with 100% certainty that she is the perfect person to carry on this brilliant body of work created by the remarkable Debbie Ford.


I highly recommend this program to all ages 18 and over – in fact, my 19-year-old daughter worked with Rosa as well, and as a result she’s so much more positive, motivated, and compassionate, and I see her making better decisions than ever before.”

Joy Herbst

“I learned of Rosa and her work through a local Meetup group, and I was instantly intrigued. I had heard of Shadow work from my mentors and teachers but didn’t know how to go about doing such work.  After reading Rosa’s website pages and her own story, I became tearful and was very moved by her passion and obvious dedication to her work of helping others see their light. We scheduled an introductory call and I became certain that she and I would work together. 

Through our ten-week coaching program, Rosa was so dedicated to supporting me, and holding me to my highest, so that I could reflect and grow in the areas that I so deeply needed in order to stand in my strength, and take the steps to becoming my actualized, empowered self. Her mastery of the teachings that she shares, and her true professionalism and absolutely radiant heart inspire me deeply. 

I am so grateful to have met and worked with her!”

Bette Shaw

“If you are thinking of working with Rosa, I highly recommend that you do, for you will never be the same. What a difference my work with Rosa has made, as I now see where I am caught up in my story and am empowered to live my most amazing life!

Rosa provides such a wonderful space for her clients to feel fully supported and loved. The work she does is so powerful and her life is proof of that!”

Mary Coates

“Rosa is an amazing coach!  I did a 10-week series of coaching sessions and felt an immediate trust and safety. She is definitely a blessed light worker.”

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