Do you know why we ask children what they want to be when they grow up?
Because they’re not afraid to dream and trust it can come true.
They believe it’s okay for them to want these things.
So when did you stop believing?


Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a goal-driven, future-focused, one-on-one coaching relationship designed to help you close the gap – the discrepancy – between where you are in your life and where you want to be.  

Based on Debbie Ford's body of work on the human shadow, Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a 10-week coaching model (60-75 minutes by phone each week) where you will be asked provocative and life-altering questions, taught to make the highest choices each and every day, guided to make empowering shifts in perception, and shown how to make peace with the whole range of your human emotions.


Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a form of Integrative Coaching, a cutting edge methodology designed to support you in becoming whole and fully expressed. 



Everything you ever wanted for your life is possible. There is nothing “out there” in the external world that you don’t already possess inside of you right now.

As human beings, we are designed to express the fullness of who we are. Every human characteristic, emotion, and possibility that we see in others and that exists in the world already exists inside of us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

I can teach you tools that will enable you to:

  • make peace with yourself

  • love yourself more fully

  • believe in yourself again

  • go after and achieve the things you really want for your life

  • find all your answers within yourself

  • break free from needing the approval of others

  • release the pain of resistance

  • identify, own, and find the gifts of your disowned qualities (both dark and light),
    and make them work for you instead of against you

  • reclaim your power to be able to make better choices

The tools I will deliver to you in this powerful emotional education program will move you from fear to faith, from resignation to inspiration, and from predictability to possibility.

Your weakness will transform to strength, your insecurity to confidence, and your despair to courage as I lead you through a proven process that will become the greatest catalyst you have ever experienced for transforming your life now and for good.

If you aspire to change the world somehow, you simply cannot help others fulfill their dreams if you’re not fulfilling your own.



This coaching program is a perfect fit if you: 

  • want to feel better about yourself, your choices, and your life

  • believe in a higher power

  • want to believe in yourself again

  • compare yourself to others

  • know you have the power to change your life

  • keep searching outside in the external world for answers, instead of inside yourself

  • have others around you that drag you down

  • need courage to step out of your situation and move toward your deepest visions

  • need help finding the love stories, gifts, lessons, and wisdom from your life situations

  • want to stop finding fault with yourself

  • desperately want to make peace with yourself

  • need help in acknowledging yourself

  • are willing to be vulnerable, open, and honest with yourself

  • care enough about your place in this world to step into who you came here to be

  • feel broken, unloved, or victimized in one or more ways

  • are willing to show up for this program each week and do the necessary self-work 



Or if you are:

Feeling Lost

When we feel lost, we are constantly looking to the outside world to fill us up inside. Whether we look to people we know, books, situations, celebrities, or other stimuli, we think that something “out there” knows what’s best for us. In this program, I will deliver to you life-long tools that will help you to shift your perspective so that you will always be able to find your answers from within yourself.


Fighting Life


When we resist the circumstances and situations of our life, we go against the natural flow and order of life. Living in a place of denial, even if it’s an unconscious one, causes us to never be happy with ourselves or what we have. This program will guide you to make peace with yourself and in doing this, you will then be able to create new possibilities for yourself and your world.


Feeling Unworthy


When we feel we don’t deserve good things for our lives, or are told by others that we can’t have something or we aren’t good or smart enough, this causes our dreams, visions, and goals to become stuck. By the end of this program, you will see your untapped potential, move forward toward achieving what you want, and love yourself more fully.


Feeling Stuck Yet Afraid of Change


When we separate the facts from our stories, we then have the freedom to view the events of our lives separate from the drama we are living in. Resistance causes us to stay in relationships and situations that aren’t working year after year. I will teach you a number of tools you can use to reclaim your self-esteem and release the pain of resistance in your life.


Giving Up Your Power


When we give up our power, we continue to play small in not just one area of our lives, but in all areas. By not standing in our power, we will never be able to realize our full potential or become who we came here to be. This program has many integrated exercises and self-reflecting processes to help you reclaim your power so you will make better choices.


Lacking Solid Resources


When we don’t have a secure support system for our lives, we end up spending time, money, and emotional energy to try to “find” that one moment, thing, or person we hope will make our lives better. Every pillar of this program is based on a solid and proven emotional education system that will deliver to you a new set of tools each week designed and guaranteed to transform your life.


Lacking Vision


When we lack vision, we are never able to achieve what really fills us up because we don’t know exactly what it looks like, or if we do, we don’t know how to “get” there. Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a goal-driven process where you will discover your highest vision and week by week confidently move towards it using the tools you are given.


Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is different from any other coaching program because it trains in the concepts and tools for identifying and effectively breaking through the limitations of the shadow.


Shadow work is rapidly becoming known as one of the most effective transformational modalities of our time. All of our lives are determined by a set of assumptions, core beliefs, behaviors, and habits that were birthed out of shame and are now hidden in the shadow of our unconscious minds – ultimately affecting our relationships, our bank accounts, our bodies, and blocking our true potential.


These often hidden and rejected parts of ourselves create the limited view from which we can experience the world. Imagine if instead of being controlled by our shadows, we could follow the sacred path we were meant to live – the path of our soul.

In this program, the shadow work we do together will guide you to:

  • Befriend your grief, your sadness, your loneliness, and your anger.

  • Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy, and success, and learn to unconditionally love and accept all that you can be.

  • Let go, surrender, and emerge into the greatest evolution of yourself.

  • Open up to a life free from shame, free from fear, free from guilt, and free from the limitations of your past.

Here is a two-minute video of Debbie Ford talking about this body of work:






Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is a personal and confidential relationship.


That’s why it’s important that we feel comfortable and connected with each other before deciding to work together. A free and initial consultation/sample session (90 minutes) by phone will give us an opportunity to learn each other’s style and personality, will give you the experience of what a regular session would feel like, and will allow you to learn more about the program.

Someone once said, “No one gets to the Olympics without a coach.”


As a transformational coach impeccably trained through The Ford Institute, I have the proven skills, knowledge, unshakable commitment, and personal life experience to support you in uncovering the highest vision you have for your precious LIFE.

I guarantee if you show up 100% for this work you will experience a life-changing transformation that will enable you to design an inspiring new future for yourself.



If you work with me, you should know:

  • I believe in you.

  • I will guide you, using all of the tools in this program, and all of my skills, in clearing away whatever stands between you and your desired future.

  • With great know-how, I will hold you accountable for the kind of existence you are craving to live, so that in the process, your heart will be healed and your limitations will be swept away. 

  • I have been where you are, and I empathize at a deep authentic level with these human situations you are experiencing.

  • I have a deep understanding of these specialized tools as I’ve personally studied this work for over a decade.

  • The tools in this program are the exact same tools that have helped me, and so many others over the years and across the world, to break free from self-binding limitations.

  • I have embodied this work and have used these tools to reinvent my life so positively, so teaching it to others now comes with an unmistakable passion.

  • Stepping into the greatest version of yourself is an ongoing, life-long process and I will encourage you to be kind and loving to yourself as you embark on this journey.

I warmly invite you to connect journeys with me at if you feel this program is right for you and you are ready to step into the greatest version of yourself.


I promise you – the tools you will walk away with in this program are priceless.

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