You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.

Galileo Galilei


Are you interested in being a guest speaker at one of our events?

Are you an enjoyable speaker who can passionately deliver an exciting topic, either through a live, local workshop or an online tele-recording?


If you’re able to inspire others, are experienced in areas of health and wellness, spirituality, or personal transformation, and would like to be considered as a future Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance guest presenter in a future (live or online) forum, please fill out and submit the form below.

  • View a sample write-up of a past workshop.

  • Watch a fun video of past events.

  • Visit this Meetup group’s official website.

All live events are in Fairfield & New Haven Counties in Connecticut.

Online events are recorded via a tele-recording service.

I have found that the most successful public speaker is someone who:

  • Has uplifting knowledge to share in the areas of: holistic health, spiritual wellness, positive living, mindful eating, living purposefully, and the like, and can present their message in an organized and inspirational way

  • Has had a personal transformation journey (of mind, body, or spirit) and can motivationally share their experience and learned wisdom to empower others

  • Is willing to ‘invest’ in their audience by planning their talk/workshop around the Number One Question of: ‘WIIFT?’ (What’s In It For Them?)

  • Has had some experience in public speaking *

  • Is public-friendly and comfortable speaking to an audience *

  • Can deliver their talk/workshop with confidence *

  • Is authentic in personally walking the talk of their message

  • Enjoys guest hosting interactive and dynamic audiences of all sizes

  • Is excited about engaging with a community of happy people

  • Likes to smile!

  • Loves LIFE!

* It is important to everyone’s success that you are comfortable, confident, and organized before presenting to any audience (not just ours). Please note on the form below any concerns you have regarding your readiness.

Guest Speaker Form

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