Hello, dear fellow human. I like to marvel and write about the beauty of being alive. 

Think about it: You won the human lottery. YOU GET TO BE HERE.


You have been given a human body that works beautifully. Your heart has never missed a beat all of these years, even on days you forgot to say thank you.


You wake up feeling good, and your legs push you forward. Your organs and cells don't need reminding to do their job; they have been silently loyal at keeping you here. There are over 31 million seconds in every year, and every day that you get to wake up with your body and soul still connected in this human world is a new miracle each time. 

Nothing promised we would have made it this far, or had this much time here. There is so much extraordinary MAGIC happening inside of you and me right now that is keeping us alive.

We should marvel daily on the miracle that any of us are even here at all, and of the majestic collision of science and soul that it took to create us. We should be fantastically fascinated by all the impressive and unimaginable, mighty things that had to happen evolutionarily for us to have made it this far. 

Like the divine synchronicity of all things (or the bell chime of the Timer of Destiny set long ago) that needed to occur for you arrive into the world when you did – or at all.  Or how your birth parents needed to collide at precisely the right moment in time and space, in order to create your unique tapestry of DNA that you needed to be you, and for you to get a physical container for your soul to drop into and live for a while. 

I have always believed our arrivals and the circumstances around them are predestined and on purpose. Who shows up in our lives, or doesn't, and what we are taught to know as our early truths eventually designs who we grow up to be, how we show up in the world, and how we affect others and the earth around us.

Yet, before long, we forget all the wonder and joy we knew as children and we fall into a wicked cycle of letting our shadows and habits create new meanings for our life's stories. We cry out Look at what my life's done to me! instead of trumpeting Look at what I can do with my life!  

This website is about discovering the love stories in your life. Sometimes that means reaching back and giving new and lovely meaning to old worn-out stories, and sometimes it means asking yourself the right questions for the current things going on around you – so you can see them in a positive way. And so you don't miss them in the moment. 

This website is about being present to your life.

I hope you will join me. There's so much to talk about. ♥ 


Children see the magic because they look for it.

© 2018 by Rosa Conti 

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