Guiding Principles

sacred truths

These are my highest beliefs. My Sacred Truths. The principles that guide my life. Unwavering, these thoughts find their way into most of my days and keep me expanding.


Our arrivals to this Lifetime were right on time.

DandelionThe timing of our arrivals is part of a bigger, more beauty-full, orchestrated, and divine existence than we are taught to know.

We were designed to be inserted into our brilliant blueprint of humanity exactly when we were. Our unique presence serves many purposes in space and time right now – for our own evolutions, and for the collective whole of humanity.


We are fellow travelers. 

Your time spent here is about you. Others have their own journeys to follow, and their own assignments to figure out and accomplish during their time here. 

In life and in death, we should honor our time spent with others and the gifts they brought to our lives. Thank them for meeting you here, and offer grace for being an important sacred part of your journey.


Trusting the Universe is about letting go.

When we hold on to some thing, person, or idea that requires holding on to, we fight the natural flow of the Universe. It holds us back from the very people we are supposed to meet, the things we were brought here to do, and the person we are meant to become.


If you are breathing, you are able to make better choices.

Every moment of every day we are conceiving, deciding on, committing to, and setting in motion choices that make or break our happiness, our health, and the overall enjoyment we get from being who we get to be.

If something or someone doesn’t feed us in ways that make our inner light grow brighter, it wasn’t meant to have a permanent place in our lives.


We are both students and teachers.

We need each other to evolve, to love, to heal, to keep our spirits stirred, and to remind us of who we really are. From ancient times to modern times, we have looked to others to be our teachers, our companions, and our pillars for strength. 

Our biggest transformations take place with one hand reaching forward to the soul teacher in front of us, so that they can show us the way, while our other hand is stretched behind us, so that we can take our place in helping others along the road we just traveled.




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