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love and praise

Karna Liv Nau“Rosa Conti is a force to be reckoned with, a powerful voice of the Divine Feminine. She is the kind of writer who will spark all the places in you that want to shine. Be sure to connect with her for mind-blowing events as well as daily doses of inspiration and positivity.”

Eating Psychology Coach 


Alex Mack“To know Rosa Conti is to relax and realize there is pure good in this world. Her warm heart, openness, and humble brilliance are so refreshing and organic, it sets you at ease. Connecting with Rosa, makes you feel special, like you were chosen to be a part of a superwoman’s life who is so extraordinary and so unique, that it makes you feel that way too. Her focus and determination to share her gifts and elevate the lives of everyone she connects with are inspirational. Rosa paves her own path, inviting all to walk with her. She wants to learn and grow, all the while planting her seeds to grow the world.

Rosa gives you hope, something to connect to, believe in, and strive for. She’s your biggest fan and your mentor, your teammate and your coach.”

Personal Assistant to Brad Gruno, Brad’s Raw Chips • Health Coach


Dave Tyler“You know those people in your life who just manifest beauty in its simplest form? Those people who stop to smile and take in the loveliness of it all because it’s against their nature to see anything else? Rosa brings out that marvelous light within me. She has an innate ability to positively inspire people to seek knowledge and understanding of all of life’s creations.

Once I connected with Rosa I’ve always had a place to turn to keep warm and happy … no matter what my life throws at me. She connects people. She inspires words. She intrinsically shines.”

Biohacker • Health Educator • @dtyler21


Andrea Beaman

“Rosa Conti has a gift for bringing like-minded people together for their continued learning and growth. She is a true pioneer and facilitator for inspiring change in the world.”

Natural Foods Chef • Television Host
Health Coach • Author • @andreabeaman


Holli Thompson“Rosa Conti creates and shares her message with heart and soul. She inspires others to step up and make meaningful changes, and she does it in a way that could not be more loving.”

Nutritional Stylist • Founder of • @nutrition


Linda Tillman“In our ever-changing world, it seems that many of us are searching for greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Rosa’s writings and inspirations have helped me to think differently and discover new ways of approaching challenges in my personal and professional life. She is truly a breath of fresh air!”

Organization Development Consultant


Christie Halmick“Rosa is a force of 100% goodness in the world. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I highly recommend checking out her e-book. It’s a game changer for self-care!”

Teacher of Online DIY Design • Creator of The PDF Workshop • @jewelsbranch


Yota Schneider

“Rosa’s boundless enthusiasm, focus, and commitment to wellness and personal development are contagious and admirable. Her caring and interest in people and their well-being are evident in everything she does. Rosa is a bundle of energy and the glue that binds the group together. She works tirelessly and always with a smile to make things happen.

It’s exactly this quality of spirit that’s also reflected by the members of the CT Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance. I suspect that Rosa’s leadership, shining example and generosity have a lot to do with how the group has developed and grown over the years.”

Seasons of Change Certified Master Coach • Writer • Speaker  @YotaSchneider


Heather Nieves

“Rosa is so dedicated in her personal and professional life and I admire her so. She pours her heart into her Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance group because of her passion for life. She radiates it in all that she does. Rosa is organized, reliable, creative and so loving! Her group has grown so much and I’d suggest to anyone who hasn’t attended to go as you’ll learn so much and make life-long friends!”

Regional Manager, Holiday Retirement


Bridget Nossek“I have been fortunate enough to reconnect with Rosa after more than 30 years apart.  I always remembered Rosa as the bubbly little girl with the bright eyes and even bigger smile. She draws you in with her words which are both uplifting and motivating. She has the ability to make you feel so special and to let you know that anything is possible in life If you are willing to try. I find myself looking forward to hearing what she has to say next. Even when I’m having a bad day her words will make me smile.”

Jewelry Artisan 


Juliet Kapsis

“I know Rosa from both the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance. I have always been impressed and inspired by her consistency, follow-through, and authenticity. She is a warm and genuine person who is honestly concerned for the welfare of others. I continue to learn from her. I am grateful for all of her generous sharing and the contacts in the health world that she taps into as speakers for our CHHLA. I highly recommend working with Rosa in any role.”

Holistic Health Counselor


Chris Makell

“Rosa is a powerhouse in the holistic health arena. She has extraordinary leadership capabilities which are evidenced in the strong attendance at her networking group. She is a conscious educator bringing new insights to those who spend time with her in the group or one-on-one. I highly recommend her!”

Speaker • Author • Entrepreneur • @Chris_Makell


Dijana Ivanac“Rosa Conti is a wholehearted smile with a welcoming face that lights up the room. She exudes warmth and positive intention at every encounter. She founded The Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance, a group for like-minded individuals that comes together to share, encourage, support and acquire knowledge to improve the primary aspects of their lives linking to health and wellness. It has become my greatest source for self-improvement and it is a wonderful asset to our community.  

Her passion and spirituality and gratitude are strong and these show in her inspirational and uplifting writings. She inspires me to be kind to others and prompts me to love myself. Rosa is on a constant quest to empower lives and offer spirit-giving guidance. Thank goodness she has found her calling, as so many of us benefit from it.”



Lisa Hunihan Sugrue“Over a year ago I found your CHHLA Meetup group and attended several times. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you. Although I’ve been on the path of living green, alternative care and supplementation for many years, the topics you hosted opened me up to so much more. The exposure to the concept of souls and the coaching I began with one of your workshop presenters, Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz, has led me to a place in my journey where I am participating in a program at Hartford Family Institute and growing personally and learning to accept my process and the time it takes (struggling with this concept).

I just wanted you to know that you, following your passion, touch people in ways that wouldn’t always be apparent to you. Thank you.”

Senior Director


John Raquet“Rosa is one of those special beings whose positive light shines brightly in her community. She inspires me with her soulful wisdom and compassionate action to help create the opportunity for a more enhanced life on earth for all.”

Founder/Owner of Lift Wellness


Victoria Ann“I met Rosa Conti in 2009, as the founder of the Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance. We made a deep connection as we shared similar family health concerns, and parallel ideas around lifestyle and wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Rosa has a unique ability to listen, provide a safe, supportive, loving atmosphere, and encourage your personal growth. She shares her unlimited abundance of love, friendship, knowledge and resources by organizing amazing public workshops, seminars, documentaries, etc. Rosa leads by example: by making healthy choices for herself, by educating our community and the world around her, and by inspiring and encouraging others to do the same.

I soon found out that Rosa was a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s health coaching program. She inspired and encouraged me to seek continued education with IIN based on the beliefs and goals she knew I had for myself. I was blessed when she offered me a full scholarship to attend IIN. Knowing Rosa has changed my life. Being able to become an IIN student has changed my life. Rosa is a dear friend and mentor. I’m excited to one day pay this forward.”

Holistic Health Coach • @VADMarketingInc 


Eugenia Magill“Recently I compiled a list of all the workshops I attended thanks to Rosa. I am so thankful for her hard work, dedication, and determination to gather like-minded people together to share information on energy medicine, holistic therapies, and nutrition. I have learned so much and can honestly say that these events have assisted me in transforming my life. The love and positive energy I feel at every workshop is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you so much Rosa! You are a shining star and an inspiration!”

Caring For You


Char Marie

“My first experience working with Rosa was as a presenter to her Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance group, when I taught about acupuncture, qigong and Chinese medicine. She is a warm and receptive host and very easy to work with, and does a lot to promote the talks and activities of the group. I had the most pleasant experience presenting to this group, and would definitely do it again. Rosa is easy to work with and helpful in making the presentation flow nicely, and also does a great job at getting the word out to everyone!

Since I first talked to this group it has grown much larger, but Rosa still brings her warm and friendly feeling to the group events. The group has fostered many good friendships, and has made positive changes in the community. It’s a joy to go to a meeting and hear the talk among newcomers and long-time members, who share ideas on healthy lifestyles, but also take it one step further out into the world, where real friendships are made. To me, that is what a group like this is all about – making changes in the heart, first, and then sharing with the community by example.

Rosa serves the community by bringing interesting speakers, documentaries, and health-related activities to her audiences. She is a great organizer, and a friendly moderator at discussions, too. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with her, and count to her among my friends.”

Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Chinese Medical Qigong Therapist and Instructor


Sharon Werth“Rosa and I met in 2008 through the Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance (CHHLA) group she founded. As one of the group’s early members, I watched Rosa build and nurture the group from its infancy. Rosa is a dedicated, detail-oriented leader who puts loving intention and considerable planning into each and every event. CHHLA events are both interesting and educational. Rosa creates a supportive and inspirational learning environment. There is never pressure to commit to an approach which may not align with your personal journey. Rosa’s positive attitude is contagious. Not only does she change the world around her, but she inspires others to do the same.

Through the CHHLA, Rosa has introduced me to several practitioners I use regularly, as well as friends that have been a positive influence. The CHHLA also introduced me to topics which I found fascinating and was inspired to explore them in further detail, seeking a more formal education. Rosa is an amazing leader who is extremely passionate about what she does, and I fully recommend her for any opportunity in line with her many passions.

Nature Photographer • @SharonWerth


Helene Cort“I have known Rosa for most of my life, having first met her as a 10-year old when at school together in Stamford, CT. Moves across the oceans meant that we lost touch for many years but the wonder of the Internet and social networking have brought us back together and I am so very, very thankful that our paths have crossed again.

Rosa is without a doubt THE most positive, energetic, love-filled, gorgeous person I know and I am so proud and thankful to be her friend. Where Rosa is, there is positive energy working its magic – rest assured!”

Artist • Musician


Stanley Wuchek Jr“It is an honor to know Rosa Conti and to consider her a friend. She makes a contribution to the community, all in an effort to improve the lives of others. I know of no other person with a bigger heart. I am so glad that I stumbled upon the Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance group in 2009. I have grown in many ways to improve my health, my mind, my spirituality, my relationships and the list goes on and on. Rosa, I love you. Stay beautiful.”



Sue Rigano

“Rosa and I have worked together on a number of initiatives. She is proactive in her work and anticipates needs and communication strategies before they have been articulated. She has the ability to both see a project from the 30,000 foot view and, at the same time, execute at the ground level so that all action items are attended to. Her spirit of inclusion works to draw in folks who might otherwise stay on the sidelines. When I see Rosa is on a team, I know we are going to be successful!”

Executive Director, Stamford Public Education Foundation


Phyllis Hirschauer“The Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance is a warm, loving, friendly, knowledgeable, connected group of people with an educated, organized and strong leader … Rosa Conti.”

Chapter Director & Development Agent 


kevin before and after rosa conti website“I joined your Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance Meetup group in October of 2009, and with each event I would learn a little bit more about living healthy, and then I’d research further information on the Internet. Although a good part of my diet for the first couple of years was still what I’m now able to recognize as nutrient poor, or even unhealthy, it took some time for me to develop a functional understanding of living a healthy lifestyle.

It was when I learned about Gerson Therapy and how it reverses so many chronic diseases (and even heals advanced cancers), that I began to see for the first time that food TRULY is medicine – but it can be poison too.

I learned that what we put into our bodies absolutely matters.

Last year, in May of 2012, I finally got to a point where I put together all that I had been learning from your meetup events and other sources over the last three years or so, (Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. William Davis, etc.) and I began eating really healthy.

At the time I weighed 253 pounds, and being 6 feet tall I was on the verge of being obese. (Look at the before and after pictures.) I starting eating big organic salads with nuts, berries and seeds, and started eating my own homemade super healthy vegetable-bean soups almost every day. I bought organic fruits and vegetables as much as I could, (I learned about the “Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen”) and I cut out all kinds of processed foods and nutrient-poor foods after learning about the terribly unhealthy ingredients in so many agribusiness food products today. I began juicing and making healthy smoothies as well.

For more than a year now, I have maintained eating probably 95% high nutrient foods on a regular basis. Now I am 183 pounds – that’s 70 pounds less than I was just over a year ago, and it has happened without any dieting. I did not think in terms of weight loss and restriction and limitation; I only thought in terms of eating for health, eating foods for the nutrients in them, something I learned from Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his PBS specials – so I never pressured myself the way I did when I was on diets.

But it’s not just weight loss that I’ve experienced over the last 14 months. I feel so much BETTER now. I don’t have the sluggishness that I used to think was normal. I also do yoga and exercise three times a week since I’ve learned how important exercise is along with nutrition for staying healthy. My chiropractor, who is very knowledgeable in nutrition, has told me that I have added YEARS onto my life by getting healthy. Many friends and relatives have told me that not only do they notice that I’m in great shape, but they also comment that I look HEALTHY, my skin complexion and physical energy being two clear examples.

Thank you again Rosa, for what you have created with the CT Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance meetup group. It absolutely makes a real difference in people’s lives. I am living proof of that. It was your Meetup group that gave me the initial start back in October of 2009 to begin thinking in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. It took until May 2012 – two and a half years later – to acquire enough knowledge to become really functional with it all, but look where I am now!

I am really grateful for all the ongoing meetups you put together, because they allow me to continue to maintain a positive focus toward a holistic healthy lifestyle, and to expand my awareness of healthy living, as I still have lots to learn. Thank you so much!”

Musician • Entertainer

“Connecticut Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance is fantastic! It is so nice to be in a room full of like-minded and healthy minded people! Thank you Rosa, for being a super organizer and a terrific host!” – Julie Clark

“Rosa, you’ve got a GREAT GROUP! Like you, they’re open and warm with a terrific sense of humor. Many thanks!” – Louisa Yap

“Rosa creates a positive, open and friendly environment. The members of her group are welcoming and non-judgmental. It is a wonderful place to meet nice people and share ideas.” – Alissa Monteleone

“So grateful to you Rosa, for the amazing job you do. You’ve brought awareness and inspiration to so many. Your love has touched so many lives. THANK YOU!” – Laurie Judge

“I truly enjoy the presence you have created on social media. I find myself taking the time to read the uplifting and thoughtful stories you share, and am genuinely excited to read the posts you create on LinkedIn. Through all the negativity in the world, I find it refreshing to see some positivity shine through. I thought it was about time I thank you for the positive influence you’ve had on my life, even if you didn’t know it. Thanks again, and I hope all is well with you and your son Richie!” – David Buccieri

“Rosa’s positive energy attracts other people with the same kind of likable energy.” – John Henebry



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